What Is Your Myers Briggs Personality Type?

One of the most popular personality quizzes around is the Myers Briggs test. Based off Carl Jung’s personality types, Katharine and Isabel Briggs-Myers developed the test to be more accessible to everyday people. Each personality type is made up of a 4 letter acronym depending on how you view and interact with the world. The link below is to an online test, what type are you? Take the test yourself: www.mbtionline.com Links to various sources: http://www.humanmetrics.com/personality/type http://www.myersbriggs.org/my-mbti-personality-type/mbti-basics/ Article: https://www.psych2go.net/meyer-briggs-scarily-accurate-personality-profiles-whats-type/ Voice over by Lauren Hopes Animation by: Emma Schrederis https://vimeo.com/e94 More Psych2Go here: http://youtube.com/psych2go Our network/community: For psychology articles: http://psych2go.net Twitter: http://twitter.com/psych2go Facebook: http://facebook.com/psych2go Tumblr: http://psych2go.me For other inquiries, reach out to us at psych2go@outlook.com


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