The H. pylori and Digestive Reset Plan Community

The Digestive Reset Plan is a complete online program that enables you to heal your digestive symptoms in 90-days. Weekly video presentations, diet plans, recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner, special handouts AND weekly support calls with me and my team are all included in the programme. Whether you are struggling with heartburn, bloating, constipation, diarrhea or irritable bowel syndrome, the Digestive Reset Plan will help. You can learn more about joining the community and getting involved here: http://digestiveresetplan.com Healing your digestion and feeling great in body mind may be easier than you think. The Digestive Reset Plan teaches you all the reasons why you may not be feeling well, and helps you address them in a simple and stress-free way. We teach you how to optimise your diet, eating habits, sleep, breathing and hydration. We teach you which supplements to use and when, including the specific products, dosages and durations. We also teach you which lab tests to help you did a little deeper and find hidden reasons for your symptoms, including stool testing, organic acids testing, and even blood chemistry testing. Furthermore, we make sure you are fully supported via the weekly support calls and Q&A sessions. If you are fed up with your daily digestive problems, or you're just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, the Digestive Reset Plan is just what you need. Find out more here: http://digestiveresetplan.com Best, Dave Hompes.


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