Paired t Test in R (R Tutorial 4.4)

Learn how to conduct the matched paired t-test in R. This test is used to compare the means of two paired or dependent populations. We will discuss the "t.test" , "paired", "conf.level", "boxplot" and other commands in R for beginners. This video is a tutorial for programming in R Statistical Software. To access and download dataset: For Tab Delimited Data File: https://bit.ly/BloodpressureTXT For Excel file: http://bit.ly/BloodPressureXLS Here is a quick overview of the topics addressed in this video: 0:00:09 When is it appropriate to use the paired t-test and confidence interval to analyze the data 0:00:55 how to access the help menu in R for paired t-test 0:01:05 how to visualize and interpret the difference in means for two populations that are paired or dependent on one another in R using "boxplot" command 0:01:21 how to visualize the data as paired or the changes in individuals in R using the "scatterplot" command 0:01:39 how to add a line for X=Y (eg. before= after) in a paired data plot using the "abline" command 0:01:58 how to interpret the scatterplot of paired or dependent data 0:02:32 how to do the paired t-test in R using the "t.test" command 0:02:40 how to let R know to test if the mean difference is 0 in a paired t-test using the "mu" argument 0:02:47 how to have a two-sided t-test in R using the "alt" argument 0:02:54 how to let R know that the data is paired when conducting t-test using "paired" argument 0:03:02 how to specify the level of confidence interval in R for the paired t-test using the "conf.level" argument 0:03:35 how does the order that X and Y are entered in "t.test" command in R for a paired-t-test changes the results


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