Mock Theory Test - Class 3-5 Heavy Vehicle - NZ Road Code

http://www.drivingtests.co.nz has all the NZ Road Code theory questions for truck, motorbike and car. This video contains the questions specific to class 3-5 for trucks. The questions include: - Maximum forward distance for heavy motor vehicles with a tow coupling - Maximum rear overhang including load - Notifying other road users of overhanging, wide and over-dimension loads - Maximum forward distance of a semi-trailer - Different weights and different classes of licence - Speed limits in a heavy vehicle in urban areas and on the open road - Displaying the warrant of fitness and certificate of fitness on the truck and trailer - Maximum lengths for different types of vehicle, e.g. truck and semi trailer, or a heavy vehicle towing two trailers - Maximum height and width of a heavy vehicle Take a full theory test for free at our website. You can learn all the questions you are likely to be asked in a learner licence exam for car, motorbike or truck.


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