Mann Whitney U aka Wilcoxon Rank-Sum Test in R (R Tutorial 4.3)

Learn how to conduct the Wilcoxon Rank-Sum (aka Mann-Whitney U) test in R. This is the non-parametric alternative to the independent t-test. We will discuss the "wilcox.test", "exact" and "correct" commands in R. This video is a tutorial for programming in R Statistical Software for beginners. Download the LungCapData dataset here: Excel format: https://bit.ly/LungCapDataxls Tab Delimited Text File: https://bit.ly/LungCapData Here is a quick overview of the topics addressed in this video: 0:00:11 when is it appropriate to use the "Mann-Whitney U" AKA "Wilcoxon Rank-Sum" test to analyze data 0:00:56 how to use the "wilcox.test" command in R to conduct the nonparametric test of examining the difference in median for two independent populations 0:01:02 how to access the Help menu in R for Mann-Whitney U AKA Wilcoxon Rank-Sum test 0:01:20 how to visually examine the relationship between two independent variables using "boxplot" command before conducting "Mann-Whitney U" AKA "Wilcoxon Rank-Sum" test 0:01:42 how to conduct a two-sided nonparametric test in R using the "wilcox.test" command 0:01:59 how to let R know that the difference in medians for the independent populations is 0 using the "mu" argument 0:02:06 how to let R know to calculate a two-sided alternative using the "alt" argument 0:02:12 how to let R know to return a nonparametric confidence interval using the "conf.int" argument 00:02:21 how to set the level of confidence interval using the "conf.level" argument 0:02:29 how to specify that the groups are not paired using the "paired" argument 0:02:41 how to ask R to return an exact p-value using the "exact" argument 0:02:48 how to ask R to use a continuity correction using the "correct" argument


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