How To Test Remote Control

Test Remote Control with the help of this video. Testing remotes is a simple process. You will need to use a digital camera like the one on a cell phone. Put batteries in the remote. then aim it at the camera. Press the power button and look through the screen to see a blue light. You will not be able to see this with your naked eye. If it is not working you may have had a battery leak in the remote. Check to see if there is any battery acid in the battery compartment. you can use some rubbing alcohol and a q-tip to clean it. let it dry before putting batteries back in it. I made this video to help people sell online. that is what my YouTube channel is for. you can sell used remotes on Amazon and eBay. People need replacements and are willing to pay more to get an original genuine remote control instead of a universal remote. recently my blue ray player stopped reading discs. So I will sell the remote for $20. So it may for you to look up the model number with the keyword remote on Amazon. If it is a special remote control like a Bose stereo system remote, Roku Remote, or any Blu Ray remote, you can make some side cash. places to find remotes include Craigslist, thrifts stores, and garage sales (tag sales). So you can make money on Craigslist while you are shopping on Craigslist! If you found this useful, tell your friends about it. everyone should know how easy it is to test a remote control.


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